Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cleaning My Craft Table Off

In an attempt to clean my table off, I thought I would make a card with some left over pieces.

So in that process, I got out some Peel n Stick Ruler Tape, a couple of more dies, buttons, a doily, and some paper from the scrap box.

Here is the inside which caused me to cut up another sheet of paper [more bits for the scrap box]. Another set of stamps, one more die and some stickles.

Well now I really NEED to clean off my table, because I have NO place to work!


  1. How come when i clean its evil when you clean you get BEAUITFUL CARD's,,love them sweet xx

    1. LOL did you notice the last sentence? I still need to clean!!!

  2. Ah, a true crafting sister. I spend hours cleaning off tables and putting things away (I have four crafting tables downstairs, you know), and only a matter of minutes to get it all filled up with creative clutter again!
    Lovely card.

  3. It's always the way, what starts off as an exercise in trying to clear up inevitability turns into more mess making lol

  4. *taps on monitor* Diane: should we call for help? You have been cleaning that desk for over 5 months and...and, well frankly, I am worried that you have tacky glued yourself to some cardstock and cannot reach the keyboard! LOL!!!

  5. Blogger ate my lost something trying to retype it..I.cant. lol..

  6. Very pretty, Di! I always need to clean my space.. who doesn't?

  7. Yes.....tables for me are a bad bad place....NO space left to work full of embellishments and what nots! love your crd!

  8. I fight this problem constantly, too. And Diane...would you please email me as I have something to share with you.